Skip Salor Studio.

Giuliani Producer, Songwriter

Julian H. Reaves Sr. AKA Giuliani I'm a music producer My music production styles range from R&B, hip hop, rap, and jazz. Worked with Joe Love. of Q Music Group, Cliff Frelix of Mo-Mac Entertainment John Jon Robertson of  Yab Yum Entertainment, Kevin Walker at Skip Sailor Studio, also Co-Producted Victim of your Love with Joe Love and Marc Nelson from the group Az Yet and Daryl Spencer for MCA Publishing, And I did a remix for the group Ideal on Virgin Records. I've worked with people like: Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men and KC & JOJO Just to name a few. At Bratty Boy Entertainment, Now working with Maurice Carnon of  MLyrics Music 4 U Look for big things to come. So sit back an enjoy the music I Produced and Co- Produced.


R&B /HiP Hop Rapper, SongWriter

Recorded And Mixed At Mischief Studio For Bratty Boy Entertainment

                            A Division of Architect Media Group

Irben Jeter is a lyricist and rapper. Even as a small child Irben stood out as an entertainer. He performed solos and participated in play acting in the children's choir of Second Benevolent Baptist Church. Irben began writing love poems, and performing original rap song with an audience of friends. Irben was rapping with his friends in class, at lunch time, and in talent shows. In high school Irben was on the football team, track team, and was the president of Musical Productions, which is one of the top choir  classes of five different organizations offered at Kennedy High. Being president of Musical Productions gave Irben the authority to over see every concert the five choirs gave, and Irben made sure he performed one of his original rap songs at each show. Performing at the concerts gave Irben a chance to perform numerous original rap song in front of audiences as large as two thousand people, which not only built his confidence but also taught him valuable performance skills and audience appeal. Today Irben is still pursuing his dreams in a quest to conquer his goals. 

Recorded And Mixed At Mischief Studio For Bratty Boy Entertainment

                        A Division of Architect Media Group                   

Dave Spivey,

Jazz/R&B, SongWriter

We will miss you.